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If you've followed this link, you're probably looking for Nuns, Mothers and Others - the collaborative author website for Lee Harris, Valerie Wolzien, Lora Roberts and Jonnie Jacobs.

The name arose from a book tour we did over ten years ago and refers to the occupations of our fictional sleuths at the time. Lee Harris wrote about an ex-nun, Valerie Wolzien and Jonnie Jacobs about mothers, and Lora Roberts about a freelance writer.  Since then, we've each written other series and non-series books, and while we are still good friends and occasionally do book events together, we no longer maintain a group website.  Nor do we continue to publisher our newsletter.  But feel free to browse past issues, archived here, and to contact any of us directly.  We can be reached at:
Lee Harris  - mysmurder (at)
Valerie Wozien - Valerie (at)
Lora Roberts - myslora (at) and on the web at
Jonnie Jacobs - jonnie (at) and on the web at


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